25 years of love for football and making dreams come true in Golovin's homeland

We are launching series of articles about our coaches on the blog

Hello, Iskra here! As you know, we have selected our project finalists from different regions of the country, and now we are excited to begin getting to know them. The first publication about the football project in a small Kuzbass village.

Hello, my name is Kirill Nagach, I'm 33 years old, and for 25 years I've been involved in football in Kemerovo Region. I trained at Children's and Youth Sports School and now play for the amateur team of my home village Taizhina in the Osinniki Urban District Championship. One of the towns in this district is Kaltan, birthplace of Alexander Golovin. The Taizhin team won the Championship and the Osinniki Cup several times.

I have been a fan of Lokomotiv since 1999. I first saw the team in the semifinals of the Winners' Cup against Lazio. The most memorable part of that match was Zaza Janashia, a very unconventional player with a perfect technique. Of course, I really liked the play style of Izmailov, Sychev, Bilyaletdinov and Loskov. I've also been supporting MU since Ronaldo and Rooney, as well as Borussia (Dortmund).

Our village has always been athletic: we would play football and volleyball in the summer, and ball hockey in winter. We have a stadium, a hockey box, a volleyball court, and a wrestling gym, among other things. Everyone is an amateur, but they still enjoy the game.

I really want to foster a love of sports and football, but unfortunately, we have quite little equipment for such sports initiatives. So I applied to Iskra to improve the infrastructure, set up the training process, and provide the kids with uniforms and everything they needed to practice.

Out of similar projects, I, of course, really like the Krasnodar football academy. I like that they focus not only on the players' physical development, but also monitor the discipline and help them with their studies.

I've wanted to coach kids for a long time. I myself have two daughters who play football. I attend almost each of their games and practice sessions, but you have to drive through half the region to get there, since that's the only place that has a girls' team. I really want all the children to be able to train in our village as well. Of course, my main goal is to help future professional football players, but even if they don't become pros, I want to see happy kids who can play football for free, which would be a great achievement and source of joy.

Just so you know: the Iskra project is continuing to collect applications from people who want to become coaches. You can read about Iskra and apply on our website.