We try to create the atmosphere of joy and celebration on the field. Our coaches don't yell at kids. They don't punish them for mistakes.

At Iskra, children find themselves surrounded by friends. We don't demand results from them — we teach them how to play football and enjoy the game.
Both boys and girls can attend our training sessions. We welcome children of all social classes and nationalities, as well as children with special needs.

Arbitrary separation gives rise to the fear of being different. We teach children to accept others for who they are. We have no stereotypes, and we want to convey that to those around us.
The most important thing in training is to enjoy the process, not just do exercises.

We try to make it so that kids love our training sessions and not want to miss them.

Even if they don't become professional football players, it is still important to teach them to love sports and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Skills can't master themselves. We show children that they need to work hard, practice, and be persistent inn order to succeed.

We tell them how important it is to make their own decisions and not be afraid to take responsibility.
We don't compare children to each other. Everyone is unique in their own way. Our coaches try to find an individual approach to every child.

The only way to learn to be creative in the game and in life is to not be afraid of mistakes. We discuss what children can work on to improve their skills, but we never compare children to each other. It is important that children keep trying even if they fail at something.
It's important that all Iskra kids feel like part of the team both on and off the field. We want them to be mindful of others, support each other, and set an example for their peers.